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Our process monitoring systems apply proprietary software algorithms and unique sensors to "observe" multiple production aspects of a cold forming or a thread rolling machine. The forming force signals associated with the production of a "good" part are learned by our system and control limits are established. Each following cycle is checked by the system to guarantee that the forming signals and machine performance all fall within acceptable control limits.

The captured sensor signals are analyzed by different methods which insure an optimum monitoring result. Our envelope monitoring technique, featuring the new MANDONIC analysis algorithm is considered to be one of the most effective and reliable means of monitoring cold forming machinery.

If a signal falls outside the acceptable limits, something has gone wrong in the forming process. Perhaps a tool chipped or broke, there was a feed or material problem or there was a major machinery issues. Whatever the cause, our systems will display an error message to prompt the operator while also stopping the machine and isolating any "suspicious" product.

Machine production output can also be tracked by our process monitors using the programmable counting package that is built into all systems. Our systems will help your machines run more efficiently and even allow you pre-set desired production totals, track tool life and machine maintenance while also allowing you to run your machines unattended through breaks and unmanned shifts.

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