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Metal cutting applications are often very challenging to monitor due to the design of the machines and the fact that it is often difficult to install sensors near the tooling to detect process changes.


Problems with one tool or spindle can quickly become a catastrophe for the entire machine, resulting in costly tool damage, excessive scrap, and machine setup and adjustment time.

Our new metal cutting systems address machine and tooling issues by utilizing Force, Acoustic, Strain, and Power Monitoring sensors to generate signals indicative of a specific station's work.

Our monitors measure the sensor signals associated with a "good" cutting cycle and then apply algorithms to establish cycle-to-cycle control limits. When an error is detected, our systems alert the operator, stop the machine and even sort out any suspicious product.


Our family of metal cutting monitors will ensure process consistency and part quality for slow to medium speed applications. Their process analysis routines can examine every machine cycle to help you increase uptime, reduce scrap and tool damage and improve machine setups.

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