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IMPAX/SK systems offer a variety of features designed specifically for the needs of thread rolling machines:

  • DMI (Die Match Indicator) shows exactly if the rolling dies are perfectly matched, or if not, in which direction and how much the feed/ram advance should be corrected.

  • Rollbacks are detected and the machine is stopped
    immediately to prevent tool/machine damage.

  • Idle strokes are ignored up to a pre-set limit. If excessive idling occurs, the machine is shut down.

  • Singlemaster removes idle stroke force values from the envelope limit calculations to prevent nuisance stops.

  • True rolling efficiency is recorded and displayed.

Monitoring of the rolling forces on:

  • Flat die thread rollers

  • Rotary die thread rollers

  • Roller/segment machines

  • Planetary rollers

  • Detection of incorrect blanks, parts skidding, risers, roll backs, and more.

Sensors for Thread Rolling Machines

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