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The success of any monitoring endeavor is largely dependent upon the quality of the measured signal and the selected site for installing the sensor.

We manufacture and distribute a variety of analog sensors specifically designed to detect force, strain, pressure, tension, acoustic emission and motor load.

All of our sensors are specified to work with our process monitoring systems and we have designed a range of signal amplifiers which properly condition any of the sensor signals.

Each of our Piezoelectric Force Sensors is designed to be integrated directly into a tool area. A pocket or hole is machined to accommodate the specific force sensor which is installed using epoxy or a torque tool. Our sensors require no calibration or maintenance and have a typical life of 5-10 years.

Our Piezoelectric Force Sensors have proven their effectiveness for many years when it comes to measuring forces associated with metal forming processes.


The robust design and high degree of signal strength and sensitivity have made our force sensors the standard in metal forming applications.


Vario Probe

Vario sensors replace the piezo-electric sensing probe Superflex for measuring strains and forces in machine components. Vario sensors are installed in 8 mm bores, which run perpendicular to the direction of the force (perpendicular measuring probe).


The 8 mm sensor bore has established itself as the standard in many industries and is provided ex works by most machine manufacturers for new machines. The sensor can also be fitted in a recessed way in deeper bores. Protective covers are available for the mechanical protection of the sensor and the cable exit.

Tool required for installation. 


Discflex Piezo-Electric Force Sensing Disc

Piezoelectric sensors have proven their effectiveness for many years when it comes to measuring stress or forces in connection with machine monitoring devices. The robust design, the solid-state, non-wearing measuring principle, the high degree of sensitivity and the ease in handling have made piezo force sensors the standard in metalworking applications.

The Discflex measuring discs are simply glued or epoxied into pockets that are machined in the area where the force is to be measured. The signal output is directly proportional to the load, and the sensor reacts to forces in both directions (compression of the disc and radial forces).



Special Sensor Parts

Piezo-electric or strain-gauge sensing elements can also be fitted directly into modified machine parts or tool components which take loads, forces or strains during the manufacturing process.

These machine parts include, for example, stripper plates in stamping tools, adjusting wedges and filler pieces in cold forming presses, tool holders and slides of cutting machines and much more.


We also equip screws for fastening tools or adjusting tool components with integrated force sensors.


Axflex Longitudinal Dowel

Axflex and Mini-Axflex sensors are piezo-electric sensing probes which measure force in axial direction. They typically are installed into bores that run in the direction of the forces to be measured.


Bridgeflex Sensor

Piezo-electric sensor for measuring force and/or acoustic emission signals on the surface of machine parts or tool components. This sensor is simply bolted on to the part by means of a M8 fastener. The Bridgeflex sensor can be easily removed and re-used elsewhere.


X-Flex Sensor

Bolt-on surface strain sensor based on strain-gauge sensing elements and an integrated, high-resolution amplifier. The X-Flex sensor can be simply fastened to the frame of a machine such as a press to measure actual press loads (tonnage sensor). The sensor can be calibrated to give true tonnage readings.


Rotary Encoder | Linear Travel Transducer

Sensors for accurate measurement of rotary angles (e.g. on machine crank shafts) or linear travel of machine parts such as rams or slides.

These sensors are used when precise monitoring of force vs. travel or force vs. crank angle is required.

A wide range of sensor types is available to meet the different applications.

Power Flex.jpg

Powerflex Sensor

This sensor measures the power consumption of electrical motors. It is used to detect overload situations, or to register the breakage of tools such as drills or taps. The sensor is simply wired into the power feed lines to the motor.

Load Cells.jpg

Load Cells

Load sensors used to measure absolute forces in applications such as press-fit assembling, riveting, clinching, testing, etc. The load cells typically are supplied with a calibration certificate.

These sensors are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit the different needs in respect to mounting space restrictions and load ranges.

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