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IMPAX/SK 2.10 Process Monitoring System 

The SK 2.10 process monitoring was specifically designed for the North American market:


• 360 degree monitoring for tooling and machine       
• Powerful dual-core processor
• Up to 8 channel input with 584 point resolution

• 5 digital I/O

• Ready for IIoT / MES / MDC / PDC

A lower cost valuable tool to protect tooling, reduce downtime and help operators with setup and machine performance.



IMPAX/SK 800 Process Monitoring System

High-end Terminal for  up to 32 machines

• 15" Color Touch Screen
• Direct input for binary count pulses
• Integrated RFID chip reader

MES Functions:

• Start and terminate jobs
• Report down codes and rejects
• Report personnel to/from machine
• Report batch changes
• Report used tools
• View PDF documents


IMPAX 2000R Process Monitoring System

The IMPAX 2000R process monitoring that started it all!  


A lower cost refurbishment option for new and/or current IMPAX process monitor users on a budget that still want full tooling and machine protection!


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