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The need for higher and higher rates of production and increasingly more complex tooling makes our in-tool monitoring systems indispensable for stamping applications.

Complexity has not only made die sets more expensive but also more prone to process errors. Punch breakage, cracked dies, feed problems and stacked/pulled slugs not only threaten process and product quality, but often lead to serious die damage and downtime.

Up until now, conventional load and EDDY-Current monitoring has been used, ineffectively, to detect cracked/chipped tools, slugs, and problems with forming. The subtle change in forming forces caused by these issues fail to product enough signal change to be detected by frame mounted or EDDY-Current sensors.

Since our process monitors utilize sensors that are installed directly into shim/stripper plates, dies or punch backing plates, the signals analyzed correspond directly to what is occurring in a specific tooling area.

Our systems use advanced software and hardware to observe the forming forces associated with producing an acceptable part. The "learning" process enables the monitor to establish control limits using our enveloping and Mandonic algorithms. Should the system detect unacceptable deviations from learned patterns due to tooling, material issues, misfeeds, pulled slugs, etc., the press is stopped immediately to prevent die damage or the production of "questionable" product.

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