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About Us

Process Technologies Group, Inc. (PTG),

the manufacturer of IMPAX process monitors, is also the supplier of IMPAX/SK process monitors, productivity monitors, data collection software, and piezo-electric force sensors in the United States and Canada.

Process Technologies Group, Inc.

All of our monitors and software provide real-time application-specific solutions for measuring, improving, protecting, and analyzing a variety of processes and production systems.

We believe in the maxim,

"If you measure it, it will improve."

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Our IMPAX and IMPAX/SK process monitors have held a strong position within the metal forming, stamping, and cutting industries for the past 30 years, with thousands of successful installations worldwide.

In today's competitive markets, dominated by evolving technology and a demand for excellence, we can provide a solution for your application. We have a strong commitment to quality, and a dedication to meet our customers' needs.

Our mission is to supply superior monitoring products, other product offerings, and services to help improve your manufacturing processes. 

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